Welcome to the CREATE Arctic Science blog!

By Dan Weaver
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Toronto

Hi Everyone,

The researchers involved in the NSERC CREATE Training Program in Arctic Atmospheric Science have unique, interesting, fun, and adventurous stories to tell. This blog provides a place to share those stories. Not only will it provide a good way for us to share with each other, but with anyone interested in what we are doing up in the Arctic!

To give you an idea of where we travel for science, check out this photo I took last winter (03 March 2012) while taking atmospheric measurements near Eureka, Nunavut at the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Lab (PEARL):

While at the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Lab, some particularly adventurous researchers enjoy taking hikes along nearby ridges (even when it’s -50 C outside and windy)!

My camera doesn’t quite do the scenery justice! Ellesmere Island is an incredible place, filled with fiords, ridges, and abundant wildlife in the summer. We will share more photos and stories in future posts.

Working up North is amazing. It is a huge part of Canada, and few people have the opportunity to spend time there. We look forward to sharing our experiences in the Arctic with you.



About createarcticscience

The CREATE program for Arctic Atmospheric Science supports researchers and students across Canada. This blog provides a venue for sharing our experiences.
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