Links to neat science stuff

We will post more links to interesting sites as we find them!

First, it seems appropriate to mention: This blog is written by graduate students and colleagues of the NSERC CREATE program in Arctic Atmospheric Science. Take a look at the official website to this program:

CANDAC is the group of universities that run PEARL – the high Arctic lab where we take measurements of the atmosphere. Check out the CANDAC education and outreach program site for teacher resources, information on the collaborations they do with schools in Nunavut and Ontario, and a fun video of “sublimation baseball” at 80 degrees North:

Every winter since 2004, CANDAC (and now CREATE) students and researchers have ventured up to the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Lab (PEARL) on Ellesmere Island to conduct validation measurements for instruments (the Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment, or ACE) aboard a Canadian research satellite (SCISAT-1). The campaign website has lots of neat photos of the teams at work in the high Arctic:


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